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After killing their attackers, Rick, Hershel and Glenn prepare to leave, but three other men, looking for Dave and Tony, enter the town before they can escape. Lori escapes from two walkers and continues down the road on foot to look for her husband. Rick, Hershel and Glenn inadvertently get into a gunfight with the others. Back at the farm, Carol tries to talk to Daryl, and is rebuffed the same way Lori was. When they realize Lori is missing, Shane goes down to help her, and convinces her to come back by telling her that Rick and the others are already back. When she finds out he lied, he reveals that she is pregnant. Carl asks to name the baby Sophia if it is a girl. Shane and Lori talk about their past relationship, with Shane being convinced it was real. In town, Hershel shoots one attacker who is...


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