FinePrint 9.25 (PC) | Nick DiRosa | Randi Brooks
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Hershel tells Lori and Rick that he might need to perform Carl's surgery without a respirator if Shane and Otis do not return soon with the necessary medical supplies. Daryl and Andrea return to the forest to search for Sophia, where Daryl shares a childhood memory from when he was lost in the woods as a child. The two then come upon a zombie hanging from a tree where he had attempted to kill himself before transformation and ended up having his legs eaten; Daryl kills the zombie, but only after Andrea agrees to answer his question concerning whether she wants to continue living or kill herself. Glenn and T-Dog arrive at the Greene home, where T-Dog's injury is treated while Glenn and Maggie talk about faith. Lori contemplates letting Carl die to end his suffering from living in the world as it now is...


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